Dial thermometers

Model Description
32 Machine glass thermometer
50, A43, A46, A48, A51 Bimetal thermometers for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
52 Bimetal thermometers, stainless steel version
53, 54, 55, 55-8xx Bimetal thermometers for the process industry
53, 54, 55, 55-8xx Bimetal thermometer per ATEX for the process industry
70, 70-8xx Expansion thermometer with/without micro switch
73, 73-8xx, 74, 74-8xx, 75 Gas-actuated thermometer
TG53, TG54 Bimetal thermometer, process version
TG53, TG54 Additional information for hazardous areas (ATEX)
TGT70 Expansion thermometer with electrical output signal, stainless steel version
TGT73 Gas-actuated thermometer with electrical output signal
Additional information for hazardous areas (ATEX)
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